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Psoriasis and the covid vaccine.

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@missagnes Welcome to Connect. I certainly hope we’ll be able to help. You say that this plaque psoriasis developed just after having a Moderna vaccination. Did you doctor diagnose the psoriasis and is light therapy the only treatment you’ve received?
Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease so stress (we’ve had plenty with Covid) and genetics can play a role. Are there or were there other autoimmune diseases in your family?
What does your doctor recommend about the booster? He/she is the best one to advise you. Please let me know what your doctor advises!

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Thank you for your response. My mother had psoriasis as a young woman. No others immune diseases I am aware of. My doctor diagnosed the condition. In addition to the light therapy, he ordered laser therapy for my scalp, Scalp was reddened so am seeking less intense application. I'm using prescribed oils, lotions and ointments on body. He prescribed the pill Otezla which I could not tolerate. I am waiting to see whether insurance will cover Biologics injections. On the matter of the booster, he is noncommittal. He said he understood my hesitancy to get the booster. Nothing more.

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