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Transplant: Amoxicillin for dental appointment

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Hi @athenalee 😊 Yes, the protocol kidney biopsies are performed on the new kidney. @leahdrose is correct when she shared her concern about having a biopsy since they are not risk free. The intention of the protocol biopsies is to try to discover any signs of rejection at the cellular level before it shows up in reduced kidney function. And then hopefully with an increase in immune suppression they can calm it down. It really is difficult to know if it's worth the risk of the biopsy if the function tests look good. I assume the data shows that it's currently worth it. I didn't know that the liver transplants do not have protocol biopsies. That's interesting. Maybe it's a more difficult procedure or something like that? So, I assume that liver transplants only monitor the liver enzymes for signs of rejection. I wonder if kidney transplants are the only organ with protocol biopsies.

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I researched it—heart and lung transplant recipients have to have biopsies too. Heart transplant recipients have the highest rate of rejection, for solid organ transplants. It seems that as long as our liver enzymes are within normal range us liver transplant recipients don’t have protocol biopsies. Pancreas transplant recipients also have labs monitored as it’s apparently difficult to biopsy a donor pancreas.

Stem cell recipients have their chimerism levels monitored, which is the state in which donor cells have durably engrafted in the recipient. Wonder what @loribmt can share about that?

One third of all organ transplants are lost to rejection though, so I’m guessing biopsies are a good thing, especially in more recent transplant recipients.

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