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Hello Ginger!

I have decided that change is most definitely needed and I will do so. The other week I did not change my clocks so I didn't make the bus. I couldn't make therapy. Last week she wanted to do teletherapy because she was away. I missed the messages. So what? I'm looking for someone else. No teletherapy for me with her! She is colder than a rock in winter then. I have told her the most traumatic things during teletherapy and she cannot be empathetic about them. I only need someone to listen to me about the problem my doctor is giving me, help me write a note to a hospital advocate to resolve an issue with my doctor. But this social worker wants to do none of those things.

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Hello Ginger!
I forgot to send her a text this weekend telling her I would be discontinuing seeing her. She did not call today. I think she got this message. I certainly hope she and her friend ( my nurse practitioner) were not talking and it was mentioned by my nurse practitioner that I wouldn't be seeing her again.
I had a session with my nurse practitioner this week and she asked "when did you last see Priscilla?" I just said she lacks many qualities that I need in a therapist. I feel most uncomfortable when my nurse practitioner and my psychotherapist personally know one another and that is reason enough for me to stop seeing her.

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