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Multiple autoimmune diseases

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is there a department at Mayo Clinic who helps people who suffer with multiple auto immune diseases? I need to find help. I see so many specialists. yet, no one talks to each other. they all say " I have never heard of anyone with all the auto immune diseases you have." yet, nobody does any research into why this is happening? I called the mayo clinic in Fl because its closest and they said I need to see internal medicine department. I know they are going to refer me to rheumatology so why not start there? I will be traveling for this appointment/ appointments and I use a wheelchair …

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@frawlsco You sure sound like you’re having a difficult time getting help. I understand that Mayo Clinic wants you to see someone in internal medicine first. That is because that is how insurance works. Everyone starts with their PCP or internal medicine for a basic workup. They can then be referred to a specialist (rheumatologist). I entered a link that you may find helpful. It’s from the National Institutes of Health.
They may even have a phone number you could try. I have another resource, that i will find, that may also be of help.
Will you try this and let me know what you’ve learned?

Hi Frawlsco this is Peach here. I have traveled your shoes (Or to be correct your wheelchair.) Have done the same, and have been treated the same (In my wheelchair). I can see why the patient must see the other departments first BUT if they could do this in a fashion that works in a timely manner. The wait in between each department involved is way, way to long. I also have three auto immune diseases. To me this wait brings on quite a bit of stress which adds on to the health issues. Now on the lighter side: As we wait: perhaps someone comes along to play a hand of cards, or another to read an enjoying whatever or just to talk about what the person waiting needs to calm their waiting time. I myself would volunteer for this as TO GIVE IS DEVINE and enjoyable. Do not feel alone as there are others who do care. Love

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