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By the way … again …

The only reason I won't be personally involved in this webinar and/or Zoom function is that because of the intricacies of the Internet and problems with slow rural Internet speeds I've had very negative experiences with Zoom. I really like the face to face experience of a yoga or Tai Chi class. There are also sound and camera angle challenges in doing active things such as these on Zoom. But if you can deal with these, then by all means give it a go. I'm very fortunate in having a YMCA and great yoga and Tai Chi instructors within three miles of home. I've even taught yoga classes here in my own backyard.

But I understand that with Covid and/or travel restrictions you may find that the online possibilities work well for you. Also, if you go online and to YouTube, search for " yoga with Adriene" … possibly even further refined such as "yoga with Adriene for hips" and you will discover a wealth of videos (free) to guide you. Adriene performs with her dog Benji and is extremely personable.

Have a great day 🧘

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@cgent good morning! Yes this session is partially live with a moderator over Zoom and then will transition to a recorded Tai Chi session just because it is difficult to broadcast over Zoom. This is merely an introduction session to allow people to experience Tai Chi even at their desk! We will provide resources to find Tai Chi classes in their community or virtually so people can incorporate Tai Chi into their lives.

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