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I have hearing loss in my left ear as a result of loud noise I experienced as a youngster. I used to help my dad in the 1960's who was a parking lot contractor. I would put the rebar pins in the cement bumpers and he would come behind me with a jack hammer and pound them into the ground to hold the bumper into place. I also would move the wooden number stencils from each parking place to be painted by the paint machine that had a
go-kart engine that powered it and it was loud. My brother also helped out and he has the same hearing loss. We are now 50 years older but haven't got to the point of wearing hearing aides. I do have a really hard time in a room full of people and use closed caption on the TV about ½ the time.

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@ladyofthelake My apologies for not seeing your message sooner. You obviously have noise induced hearing loss which isn't surprising considering the work you were doing with your father. I spent a lot of time as a kid hunting with my dad. We also did trap shooting. I'm sure my hearing loss is genetically predisposed, but that noise, along with a lot of other noise I was exposed to in my late teens and 20s all contributed to my progressive sensorineural hearing loss.

There is no doubt that hearing in noisy settings with a lot of background noise is one of the most obvious signs of 'hearing gone south'. I've been using hearing aids for decades, and now also have a cochlear implant. The technology has improved greatly over time. I feel blessed to be living in times when this kind of help is available.