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Hi @tekkie3 Welcome! Below are two posts within this group related to sugar and a keto diet. It sounds like you have found some key aspects of your diet that are working well for you! I'm sorry to hear that yesterday was a rough day. Have you seen a registered dietitian yet? It can be so hard to figure out what aspects of your diet changes might be most important, so you don't (ideally) need to feel restricted long-term!!

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Yes, to a registered dietician and also to a gastroenterologist. I have been diagnosed as having no official foods allergies or intolerances. Although my current insights in to sugar reduction from my diet have shown me that that may have been my only issue all along, as I have been enjoying whole milk, brussel sprouts, broccoli, beans and onions again with zero gastrointestinal side effects.

On a semi-related note, I have been using Truvia and Erythritol in place of regular sugar in my weight loss journey since Oct. 15th and have lost 17 lbs. as of today. Do you know if these processed sugars are "safe" or just as bad as other artificial sweeteners?

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