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I recently started following this group and am surprised no one has mentioned cutting back on foods with added sugars and eliminating foods/drinks containing artificial sugars.

I have been following modified Keto guidelines since Oct.15th by limiting my daily combined sugars and carbs to 60 grams, and adding in more proteins with unlimited fruits & veggies. Within the first 2-3 days, all my IBS symptoms disappeared including cramps, gas and bloating. After the first week, my arthritis was gone and my energy levels increased. To date and with no exercise except PT for chronic back pain, I have lost 15 pounds.

Yesterday while running errands, I grabbed a large soft drink at a local drive thru — within 30 minutes my gas and bloating returned. By bedtime, I had mild arthritis back in my hands, feet and neck.

Had been so looking forward to ending my “keto diet” after 2 months and having no restrictions for the remaining holidays, but now it looks like all the diet modifications I have Incorporated will end up becoming a permanent lifestyle change.

Although I feel much better physically, am still a little down emotionally thinking about all my favorite food/drinks I won't be eating anymore.

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Hi @tekkie3 Welcome! Below are two posts within this group related to sugar and a keto diet. It sounds like you have found some key aspects of your diet that are working well for you! I'm sorry to hear that yesterday was a rough day. Have you seen a registered dietitian yet? It can be so hard to figure out what aspects of your diet changes might be most important, so you don't (ideally) need to feel restricted long-term!!

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