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I wold like to throw out a question fr feedback. My cousin has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. She has already been through 7 chemo treatments but the tumor has not decreased. Now she is doing another 7 treatments. She is at an excellent facility Columbia Presbyterian. I was told about turkey tail mushroom supplements. What do you think about this ? Thank you so much

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I would recommend she try to find an integrative medicine doctor. They will generally know about which supplements work best for different kinds of cancer. They will work with your oncologist, or at the very least, keep up with what is going on with your medical history. I have a bone marrow cancer and recently saw a integrative doctor who has experience with my particular cancer. He recommended a mushroom supplement (though it doesn't have turkey tail), along with some other supplements and dietary changes. It's still too early to tell, but my first blood check showed a little improvement. Generally, there's not a magic pill, but a combination of things (supplements, diet, alternative and conventional approaches) that can bring improvement.

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