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Thank you Thank you…….Can you let me know what is a good low acid diet? I have looked up things but was not sure about it.

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Bananas: Provide a soothing effect by coating the esophageal lining
Melons: High in magnesium, a mineral often used in medications for high stomach acid
Oatmeal: The best thing for digestive health is fiber
Noncitrus fruits
Lean meats and egg whites.

Foods to avoid:
High fat foods
Tomatoes and citrus fruits
Garlic, onion and spicy foods
Caffeine and mint
Alcoholic beverages

Experiment with milk in different amounts. I find when I consume ice cream ( especially soft serve ) or milk over 4 oz. it is bothersome. I eat alot of eggs & cheese, legumes as they are excellent sources of protein.
I wish you luck in your endeavors.

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