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@lsittll If you are perhaps discussing feelings about a medical situation, how it makes you feel, and how to work through things, it seems your therapist would be open to that. It also seems wise if your therapist is expected to discuss particular medical details she may not be versed on, that she would refuse to go there.

But, as @jakedduck1 mentioned, if you are not comfortable, then change. Not every therapist is the right fit. And you sometimes have to experience them to know they aren't the right fit.

Let me know what you decide to do, and how we can help you?

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Hello @gingerw
You are correct that she should have been open to listening. If she had questions about what I said she should have researched the matter. She personally knows the psychiatric nurse practitioner she told me to talk to so it would have been easy for her. My other counselors and social workers have researched things when they have had questions.

I thoroughly research my psychotherapists/social workers background before seeing them. The LinkedIn page for this therapist attracted me to her. But she's not as good as she looks. I'll go researching the therapists once I find which ones are within my HMO network. I can't go back to the great one I had years ago because she is out of network and I must pay 100% of her fees. I must wait til the government lets me free and I can get Medicare again to see her.

I don't think there is anything you can do to help the matter. I have had several people tell me to change counsellors. The more the better! I go through about four counselors and four doctors until I fine the one I am comfortable with.

Hello Ginger!

I have decided that change is most definitely needed and I will do so. The other week I did not change my clocks so I didn't make the bus. I couldn't make therapy. Last week she wanted to do teletherapy because she was away. I missed the messages. So what? I'm looking for someone else. No teletherapy for me with her! She is colder than a rock in winter then. I have told her the most traumatic things during teletherapy and she cannot be empathetic about them. I only need someone to listen to me about the problem my doctor is giving me, help me write a note to a hospital advocate to resolve an issue with my doctor. But this social worker wants to do none of those things.

Hello Ginger!

I have stopped seeing her but last week she called me I didn't make an appointment and today she called again. Today the phone rang and when I looked at the caller ID it was my therapist. it happened that I did not have my answering machine on so I let the phone ring and ring. It rang12 times. I am not making appointments yet she's calling. I'm come on lady bug off! How can I get this lady to stop? I'm surely not calling her.


Hello Ginger! I stopped seeing this therspist months ago. However, my psychiatric nurse practitioner (her friend) says to me when I see her monthly are you still seeing Priscilla? I am tired of telling her no. I said she lacked important qualities that I need in a counsellor. What can I say and how can I say to my nurse practitioner that I am no longer seeing her and never have to repeat myself again!


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