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Good morning,

I have the same issue and it has been a long road. Have you tried these things yet:
1. Going on a schedule so say - 8 am, 11 am , 2pm, 5pm and 8pm and no liquid after 8pm - drinking water in between those times. I know it is not always easy to stick to a schedule.
2. Have you your hormones or other vitamins checked to make sure it is not some kind of imbalance?
3. Sounds like you are having issues with relaxation and you did say you were doing stretching exercises. This was my issue at least. Are you going to a pelvic floor therapist? I had to go to two different ones to find the one who was helping the most. My muscles are not too strong or weak - they don't relax.
4. Two months out for a urodynamics study sounds too long esp when you are having so many problems. Even with a foley or cath you have to be careful because that can give you other problems like infections.

I do have to cath a least once a day but things are better now. I have had this problem for awhile though so not sure this helpful but...I have always had to get up to go at night, had gotten worse over the last year. Now I am seeing improvement.


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Thank you for the reply Heather. I do have a pelvic floor therapist. I am also non a schedule, and am not drinking anything after 6pm. I’m going to request testing for hormones.

You mentioned you had this problem for “awhile”. How long did it take until you saw improvements?