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Shoulder pain 5 years after replacement

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I'm outside most of the day working around the yard. Cutting firewood with a chainsaw and stacking wood. Driving a tractor around, weed eat'n and just stuff like that. Doing wood projects out in my shop as well. So the my shoulder that I had the surgery on has really never been pain free unless I'm sitting and just not moving it. When I roll over at night it always wakes me. It's like the middle of my arm to the top of my shoulder is sore from working out with weights. I'd think if that's what was causing the issue it would get better. But it doesn't. Every time I pick something up with any amount of weight it's painful. And now I'm going in for another shoulder replacement on my other shoulder with quiet a bit of reluctance. I'm using another doctor this time and he said we may have to go in and replace the hardware on the shoulder I had the shoulder replacement. They've X-rayed it and nothing has moved and all is intact. Thanks,

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I was not out of pain when I left therapy for my shoulder but I kept up the exercise regimen and eventually no pain. Having said that reverse total shoulder does have limitations! I still go for dry needling when pain comes back in places when I overdue it and I get pain free for quite a while. Try to find a therapist that you go to that knows many things ie dry needling, cupping, mfr etc. Also I had to use an electric muscle stimulator to get muscles working. I have a working regimen every day that he devised and said I would need to keep it up for life and I have had to accept my limitations. I also do water aerobics. Taping also helps a great deal

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