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Have done it 5 times before – vs the cost of a motel, boarding the animals (which would be weekends too 12-14 days), tank of gas, and meals on top the Gas spent was cheaper than going and staying the 5 days coming home weekends

simulation was to day – and radiation treatments start on the 12th

Have a straight shot into Indy/IU Simon Cancer unless run into road work detours which has happened – Every one keeps telling me to go over to 31 (20 miles from house) and down to Indy and it swings clear out past Kokomo and Westfield and then have to come all the way back across town to IU Simon Cancer. Door to door (Barnhill Valet) was 100 miles one way or little under but with covid the closed valet and we have to do our own parking in the Vermont Parking garage – I can not wait for Valet to re-open if it ever does

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You certainly have this well planned and know the best route to take. You are a very good friend, @reibur1951. My thoughts go with you on the 12th. Will these treatments be done on the weekend as well?