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Post covid19 persistente

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I have remained, with the same symptoms since the covid19 gave me. A year ago, three months and twenty-four days ago. chronic fatigue, tachycardia, shortness of breath, difficulty sleeping, muscle and joint pain, loss of muscle strength, loss of smell and taste. (However, very strong odors cause me a lot of discomfort) I have a medical team of pulmonologist, cardiologist, neurologist and my family doctor. I have already changed specialists to seek other opinions, they all come to the same conclusion that my exams are fine. I look great but I don't feel the way I look. This is what I live every day if I try too hard, I spend my days in bed unable to move. the neurologist sent me to physical rehabilitation and the cardiologist to cardiac rehabilitation. the last one did not last four minutes when the tachycardia, chest pain and shortness of breath started, only then did my doctor realize that something was clearly going on in my body. I have learned to live with this which is not easy, knowing my limitations, and I have been listening when my body says to stop. Before I could do several activities at the same time, now I can only do one and in parts. (eg, washing, cooking, walking and talking on the phone) or I talk on the phone or walk but cannot do the same things at the same time. I am glad to know that I am not the only one, there are people like me who struggle daily to recover from post-COVID.

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Luisa, Thank you for posting again in English. As you may have noticed, there is automatic translation between Spanish and English on the site, so you can post in whichever language you prefer. And you'll be able to see the Spanish translation of posts made in English (like this one). 🙂

Let me connect you with fellow members like @ldropps @pitbulover @mark58 @cbscuba10 @otter2154 @debberanner @saraguev @tknipp @kcartier @lauriekh who are also experiencing persistent post-COVID symptoms, despite medical test showing normal results.

The Post-COVID Care Clinic advises exactly what you are doing – know your limits and listen to your body. I hope others will share the approaches they have learned (including patience) at the Post-COVID Recovery program at Mayo Clinic or other institutions.