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Reclaiming my life after a transplant

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I can really understand what you are going through with interviewing! When I was looking for my first post transplant jobs, I created a spreadsheet to track how many jobs I applied for and how many interviews I had: 146 job applications and 39 interviews. I qualified for all the jobs I applied for. What kept me going was the thought that eventually I will be the best candidate an employer will have and they would be willing to overlook my job history. I hoped that would happen locally, but I finally had to move to be able to work.

Living in a rural area definitely makes your job search challenging. I hope you will be able to find more remote work. I see some employers being more flexible about allowing employees work remotely since COVID forced so many companies to go fully remote. I have one person on my team who moved back from Arizona back home to Oklahoma when COVID hit. She was able to negotiate with her supervisor and continues working remotely now, even after most of the employees came back to work in person.

As far as speaking to my supervisor about my health issues, I really want to keep my health issues private for now. I try not to schedule too many doctors' appointments and do blood work/MRI's before work or on weekends. It's challenging negotiating with my doctors who often want me to get something done within a week and I just have to delay tests and appointments to group them all on the same day. At this point all my conditions are chronic and have to be managed. I will have to speak to my supervisor if I needed a surgery or be hospitalized for a procedure.

I also try to walk every day 1-2 miles. I do it early in the morning before work, plus my parking spot at work is 1/2 mile away from my office, which forces me to walk another mile on the days I have to come in.

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Wow! 146 applications. Ugh! Ok, I’ll try not to complain anymore…I greatly admire your perseverance, especially with your ongoing health issues. It’s been so hard dealing with both. I’ve been in the same field for 30 years and never had to really search for a job before! And, never out of my field due to professional connections.

I’m sorry you had to move to find your job. I’m just too old to do that anymore. Plus, I love where I live. I do finally have a second interview on a part time position, which they want to make full time. So I’m hopeful.

I completely understand about you wanting to keep your medical issues private. It’s sad in our society that medical situations, age, color, length of time unemployed, etc. all still influence whether you get a job or not or even keep a job once you get it.

I’m glad you’re able to walk, I find it’s good for the body, mind, and outlook. I do Qigong and Tai Chi exercises, have your tried something like that which might help your fatigue, but also your stress? There is a zoom class I take on Sunday mornings. There are a lot of videos and classes online.

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