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Surgery for GERD

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I bet you are! I would like to introduce you to @ken82, @dannyl, and @rozy288 who have also discussed their GERD here.
Personally, given what others have shared, I would steer clear of surgeons who have never done the procedure. The ramifications can be very detrimental.
Have you looked at any other surgery besides Linx?

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We talked about what could be done – hiatal hernia, also. I trust this dr. But just want to see what the “residuals” are afterward. I’ve seen a lot about trouble swallowing, and that petrifies me. We are in south MS, and he is with the Memorial Hospital at Gulfport. Dr. Derek Ware.

@bevlynn54 .. I have chronic digestive disorders, GERD , Gastritis, Esophagitis, Small hiatal hernia, diverticulosis, and some IBS . The worst is 3000-4000 deep wet horrible belches and non stop churning gut 24/7 .
I’ve seen 5 Gastro Drs in 7 years. Tried everything under the sun . I’m off to Mayo Clinic Jacksonville tomorrow. I have to re do , 2 hr SIBO breath test , Entraogrophy C scan w/ contrast and another endoscopy with endo flip this time . In 2 days of testing . Plus they do a Covid test 1 st day . So 3 days .
Took me 7 months to get televisit. I’m at my last ditch effort.
Cannot eat anything w/ o major suffering. I eat so clean and healthy too .
I’m a mess . I hope you get the answers you need . I pray 🙏 they can figure me out . I live on Ultra Pepto and that’s it for my issues now . Can’t take much more . God Bless you … Rosemary