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Since @amandaburnett fingered me as an Afib patient, I'll be glad to answer any questions or respond to any discussion in areas of my experience. That does not include ablation. My Afib is consciously asymptomatic; that is, I don't feel it at all and know it's there only when taking my blood pressure or when having an EKG during regular exams. Even so, on one isolated occasion I suffered a "small stroke" that was subsequently confirmed by MRI as probably caused by a blood clot developed in my heart by Afib. My favorite anticoagulant is Warfarin for its general availability of an antidote and its regular lab tests and assistance with managing it from a doctoral pharmacist. I turned down a switch to Eliquis which is aimed more restrictively to patients with specified symptoms and did not have an antidote approved or in stock at many clinics and hospitals (although that's changing recently). You should have a detailed discussion with your cardiac physician about anticoagulants in general and any suggested or recommended by your medical team. Martin

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The idea that Warfarin can be monitored makes it less scary. My nosebleed and trip to the ER while using Eliquis scared the hell out of me and I refused to take it anymore.. My isolated incident had the same result and my Doctor keeps telling me it could happen again with worse results. However, I have shown sinus rhythm at all visits for 2 years and would really like to just take aspirin. Thanks for your reply and Good Luck

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