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I Had 2 ablations. Second successful for 16 years, Had a stroke on the golf course 2 years ago due to blood clot to brain. Fine and no AFIB episodes since but Doctor says I need to to stay on warfarin. It does not agree with me but he won't agree to aspirin. Anyone have similiar experience and off warfarin with no problems?

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Ask the doctor about Eliquis; It's a blood thinner that typically does not require getting blood tested ? times weekly. It may cost more than other options depending on your insurance. Good Luck !

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Do you think you need a supplement or medication if you aren't currently having symptoms?

Thanks for the reply. I switched to Eliquis from warfarin about one year ago because the testing for warfarin was becoming a hassle. While on the Eliquis I had a major nosebleed and ended up in the ER and they had to pack my nose. ENT removed the packing after 3 days but unfortunately still had a week of unexpected small bleeds. The 2nd cauterization cured it and now fine but was put back on warfarin. Boo.. Trying to get my Doctor to agree to aspirin but so far no luck.

Have you tried Xeralto? I was on warfarin for many years. Decided to try Eliquis but it did not agree with me. Xarelto seems to work just fine and I have no problems. Maybe you could give that a try. Good luck! I know this whole deal is such a pain!

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