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I read that under some circumstances, the tinnitus one person is hearing can be heard by other people. Of course, that tinnitus would not be very loud and probably a stethoscope was used. If that is true, some Tinnitus would be accompanied by a real sound, Then a sensitive audio spectrum analyzer could record interesting and useful sounds from tinnitus. Has that been done?

Any information or publications on actually hearing sounds that accompany some cases of tinnitus?

When I have Spectroid running on my smart phone and place my thumb over the microphone, it produces a signal in the spectrum analyzer. The frequency shows strongest from 23-170 Hz. Is this a real sound on an artifact? This is one thing of many that I'm trying to understand with the new Spectroid audio frequency analyzer. There is an audio spectrum analyzer for iPhones and iPads called "Spectrum".

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@chasmayhear You may want to post this under one of the tinnitus discussions to make it easier for others to find.
I've not heard of a tinnitus that could be heard by others but it is conceivable. Tinnitus originates in the brain so I suppose that there could be brain matter that could act as a speaker diaphragm??? And if someone could hear that without a stethoscope, they would probably be driven to insanity. The signal would be weak. I sometimes wish I had super hearing but it's probably a blessing to have what I do have.
Spectroid must be an Android app since I cannot find it for my iPhone. I do see Spectrum but it is actually called Audio Spectrum Analyzer dB RTA and has good reviews. When you put your thumb over the microphone, it's probably picking up your heart rate. Nice that a smartphone has so many uses!
Tony in Michigan

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