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I didnt understand the comment abt the eustacian tube It interests me bec my ent said they shrink and thats the pressure i feel there also suggest using nasal decongestant-might be flonase?
Also at my age (69) surgery is not usually done (as they do for children)
I dont find the spray helpful
For two yrs i have had tinnitus. As it gets louder my hearing deteriorates.
I am unaware of any communication problems due to hearing loss. I was unaware if any serious issue other than transient tinnitus. so was suprized when he offered me hearing aides!

Yawning temporarily cuts down the degree of tinnitus. Maybe thats a pressure exchange like whats mentioned above.

Of all the things i have ever lost hearing may be the one i will miss the most.

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When I listen to TV, the loud background music makes the speech very difficult to understand. Now, after many frustrating months of nothing, I am able to hear & SEE the background music and hear & SEE the speech together. When the background music is not there, I can SEE the speech sounds with the audio frequency analyzer, it is much cleaner. I have a way to figure out what is going on for the first time. The background music does appear to be significant and probably louder than the speech as shown by the audio frequency analyzer.

The Dr recommended a hearing aid for me in early 2020. I expect the hearing aid will also make the background music, already too loud, much louder. I am reluctant to get a hearing aid until I better understand the Valsalva issue.

When I asked the Dr about the Valsalva and my hearing, there was no information available, except a warning that I should not do a lot of Valsalva for some reason.

I recommend that everyone try Spectroid on their smart phones, if only to show sounds to their grand children as they are hearing them.

@siosal The Eustachian tube keeps equal pressure between the outer ear and middle ear. If the Eustachian tube becomes blocked, the pressure is unequal and the eardrum is prevented from moving like it should. I did not know that it shrinks so thanks for that tidbit. It will warrant more research. I use Flonase on an occasional basis. It helps with my allergies. I use it if I don't want people thinking I have Covid, unfortunately.
It's interesting that you say that yawning helps with the tinnitus. I have not heard that either. Have you had your hearing tested? Hearing aids help tinnitus by increasing the ambient sounds more than what is internally generated.
Tony in Michigan