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Unknown conduit.

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She has not referred us yet I have called and made an appt but it is months out

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@mommaof5 Do you need a referral to be seen? This does not look like it can wait months to me. Reading the links I sent talks about a bacteria making deep wounds that produce scars. That doesn't sound like it can wait. Sometimes an infection needs hospitalization if antibiotics are not handling the job. I recently was treated for an infection from a wasp sting, and was told if it turned out to be antibiotic resistant, I would need to go to the hospital to be treated with IV antibiotics. The first antibiotic wasn't stopping it and 2 days later the dark red infection on my ankle was spreading. Luckily the 2nd antibiotic added to the first did clear the infection. Have you tried being seen at an urgent care? Did your doctor treating this infection think it was advisable to wait months to be seen by a specialist? What if your doctor were to consult a specialist at another medical center so they can continue to treat you based on the new information? I know that Mayo Clinic does this.

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