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@chasmayhear I didn't realize they had a name for what your are calling Valsalva maneuver. It seems to be the same as when you sneeze but don't want anyone to hear it. I never hold a sneeze back, but I have "popped" my ears. Yes, it improves the hearing, but it's only temporary and not limited to the high frequencies. Maybe you'll get a good response in the ENT forum??? A blocked Eustachian tube is one cause but there are probably better solutions. Another cause could be the muscle that attaches to the eardrum. It's the ears self-defense mechanism to try to prevent damage. It helps to limit the amount that the eardrum can move. Let us know if you've gotten any additional information.
Tony in Michigan

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I didnt understand the comment abt the eustacian tube It interests me bec my ent said they shrink and thats the pressure i feel there also suggest using nasal decongestant-might be flonase?
Also at my age (69) surgery is not usually done (as they do for children)
I dont find the spray helpful
For two yrs i have had tinnitus. As it gets louder my hearing deteriorates.
I am unaware of any communication problems due to hearing loss. I was unaware if any serious issue other than transient tinnitus. so was suprized when he offered me hearing aides!

Yawning temporarily cuts down the degree of tinnitus. Maybe thats a pressure exchange like whats mentioned above.

Of all the things i have ever lost hearing may be the one i will miss the most.

What is the "ENT forum"?