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online sound tone generator

The online sound tone generator has a warning. It recommends setting the loudness at 1000Hz using the loudness slide and then never using the loudness slide to increase the volume to hear. If you increase the volume too much the possibility of ear damage exists. There are specific directions and a warning stated.

I wanted to measure the sound frequency that Valsalva affects.

I had some success in finding a way. I found a sound tone generator link on the internet. You can generate a tone from below the ear's range to above it. I found that Valsalva had no effect on the lower frequencies and improved higher frequencies.

In addition, the online tone generator can act as a crude hearing tester. I can hear it at some frequency and can't hear it at a higher frequency with the online sound tone generator with its settings and my uncalibrated computer speakers. There is no decibel scale such as a calibrated hearing test has.
I could hear 150-4650hz normally.
With Valsava, I could hear 7000 and barely hear 7300 Hz.

My wife and I compared her hearing and mine at the high end using the same set up.
She could hear to above 10,500 Hz.

Note- Valsalva is pressurizing blood vessels and I have had warnings that it should not be done without understanding precautions or too much or too forcefully.

Audio Spectrum Analyzer

I have a problem when listening to TV. Loud annoying background music is often played that makes speech difficult to understand. I wanted to have some idea of the frequency distribution of the loud background music. A audio spectrum analyzer seemed what I needed. The fellow that created the online sound tone generator suggested Spectroid. This is a free Google Play app that works on my Android phone. I just said "Spectroid" to the Google search box and installed it. It is free.

Wow! It's perfect for what I wanted.

I learned more in the last few days about some important sound features than in the rest of my life. I learned that the human voice and some musical instruments produce octaves of sound frequencies. One lowest frequency is doubled again and again so that the frequencies are f, 2f, 4f, 8f, 16 f. etc until there is no longer power in the next octave. The Audio Spectrum Analyzer shows you this each time you produce a sound. It has to do with the length of the air column in your neck and how it vibrates, A guitar string does the same thing with a vibrating string. Have you ever wet your finger and rubbed it around of a whine glass. It eventually makes a resonate sound. The spectrum analyzer show that and some octaves. Sing – Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti and it shows steps for each of those words. Start the next "Do" at a higher frequency and the steps all move to higher frequencies. Easy to understand when you see it. I did not understand octaves before a few days ago.

This would be a great and informative thing for anyone that wants to find out about the sound around them, especially why they are having problems with hearing.

Before I would ask my wife if the background music was louder than the speech. She would say that it was loud but that she could understand it. I see when the back ground music starts and it produces a lot of sounds that make it hard to see the speech. I see what I believe are the loud piano keys playing in the spectrum analyzer's frequency vs time display.

I have learned a good bit in the last week and will be showing this to my grand children as soon as I understand it better,

I hope that someone gives this spectrum analyzer a try, especially if they are having hearing issues.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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You are quite clever!