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@cowguy I am glad you pursued the reasons for the rejection. As someone formerly involved in training racehorses, I am very familiar with using some things labeled for animals, on myself, especially muscle rubs! Will you be able to stay off those for a couple of months, to be reevaluated? Your honesty with the transplant team must be something they found positive.

Do you have friends or family in the area to give you a hand if you are cleared to donate? Any co-op nearby who can pitch in?

Here is an article from Mayo Clinic that speaks to donor nephrectomy [kidney donation] and gives guidelines for post-donation as well. https://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/donor-nephrectomy/about/pac-20384867

How is your friend doing these days?

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@gingerw ,
Thank you for your reply, and I apologize for my belated response.
Caregiving and life management after donation would be difficult, although not impossible. It would require careful planning well ahead.
The Living Donor nurse told me that if I stayed off ibuprofen and Flunixin for a month, my donor status could be reevaluated. So we shall see….the process is very thorough, as it ought to be. Somewhat daunting for me.

My friend is stable as of now. I forget the name of the kidney problem he has. As I understand the situation, as time goes forward, his treatment options shrink and the need for a new kidney becomes more urgent.

Thank you again for responding, and for the links.