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after a vein occlusion

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@thseh i have same exact thing, just happened two days ago . Went to retina specialist yesterday, had a small tear in retina and some minor bleeding in vessel near retina 👁. The giant veil or floater he called it is still there after the laser procedure he did . It’s the exact description you gave !! It’s so horrible and weird . He said it may not go away for a couple months ! It may not go away at all , if not then a more invasive surgery needs done ✅. Let me know what your Dr. says ok and how long you have had it ? Such a strange thing right in your vision and follows your eye around . He said don’t wear patch as it could make eye droop . I have chronic digestive disorders 7 years and now this on top of it . It’s honestly depressing. God Bless , Rosemary O.

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HI Rosemary, as we wait for @rosemarya or other to respond, I will tell you what happened to me.
15 years ago, I had the same situation, which showed up suddenly as a "hole" in my vision. My ophthalmologist sent me straight to a retina specialist, who found a hole, but no bleeding. Laser treatments were still developing, so since mine was small, he opted for a wait & see approach. It healed over, but there is a bit of scarring, in certain very bright or dim lights, there is still a spot there – he explained that my brain has learned to ignore it most of the time. To date, nothing has gotten worse, and it is watched for at every eye exam.