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One’s story and what it might say

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I just received my 10the radiation treatment today, for the first time I felt a lot of pain like a flaming arrow going through the side of my breast. I had a rash last week that was itchy and they prescribed a cortisone cream. They told me I would not feel the beam, but I felt the burning pain and herd it . The radiologist the zap is common . I know the difference between a zap from nerve pain and inflammation and a burning sensation. Has anyone else felt that burning sensation . It really unnerved me. It didn’t feel right.

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Hi @olg1 oh gosh, that sounds painful and frightening. I confess, my treatment didn’t involve radiation so I’m going to bring in my friend, @auntieoakley who might be able to help you understand what’s going on during your radiation treatments. I hope you don’t have that sensation again!

You should mention it to your radiation tech and ask to speak to your doctor, but to get you through the night you can put your cream or even better if you have it, put some aloe Vera gel in the refrigerator. I will say the sounds are not something I encountered but the burning sensation did start about 8 to 10 treatments in and the burning was pretty severe. They gave me aquaphor but it didn’t really help just made me greasy. The aloe would take the sting out for a while. A nurse recommended it when the burn really got going. I don’t know if the aloe or the fact that it was refrigerated was the ticket, but I have kept aloe gel in the fridge every since for burns.