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Eye evisceration

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Hello all, I'm here today to update you on my artificial eye. I was fitted with my ocular prosthetic last week. It was about a five hour process, with several breaks in between. I think it looks pretty good, though my poor right eye socket has been through A LOT in my lifetime, and so the fit is a bit tight. But the movement in conjunction with my "good"eye, the color and size are really excellent. I'm pleased. The thing now is finding the right moisturizing drops to ease the dryness and mucous that forms with artificial eyes. Currently, I am trying a mineral oil drop, and have two others on the way: vitamin E drops, and silicon based drops for artificial eyes. I surely hope someone finds this update helpful.

I will add that there is quite an art to creating artificial eyes. Find a good ocularist because you'll need to have your eye polished periodically, and also replaced after 5 years or so. Our bodies and eye sockets continue to change. Peace and hope to all.

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Terri, congratulations on the new artificial eye. So good to get your update! I bet there is quite the art to creating an artificial eye. Incredible that today the artificial eye moves in tandem with the good eye. I had no idea about the need to replace them every 5 years or so, but that makes sense.

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