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I have had Meniere's most of my life, but it only affected my right ear…until two years ago, when it invaded the sorta good left ear. For years, I've had what is referred to as "auditory hallucinations," where you plainly hear sounds you heard earlier that day…or years ago. It's as though your brain plays old sounds back to fill the void of silence. For example, if I use the lawnmower for an hour or so, I'm often "treated" to hearing it during the night. Sometimes I can hear the dishwasher, water swishing, plates clicking…although in reality I haven't heard it even when standing next to it since I went bilateral and only faintly before that. The worst is a machine sound, repetitive, of something that exists only in my head, worst during the quiet of the night while I'm lying in bed. One audi explained that it's like tinnitus: Ol' Ma Nature's way of providing something for me to listen to, like it or not! Often, I could swear that there's some big machine running unevenly in the space under my bedroom, although there's obviously nothing there.

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I so understand every phantom sound that you hear. My tinnitus has provided high pitched sound in both ears, crickets in both ears, machine sounds like a deep rumbling that comes and goes at will. I feel internal vibrations, sometimes in the soles of my feet, at other times throughout my body. Sometimes I could swear my bed is on vibration mode when my husband checks he feels nothing and the bed is not on massage setting. Welcome to the world of tinnitus. Since the problem is not only in the ears but also in the brain one can assume that the brain is misbehaving and providing tinnitus and all it’s related tricks and miseries. I also have musical ear where I hear notes being constantly repeated.

I take lyrica and amitriptylin. It helps to tamp down the sounds somewhat.

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