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Hi I am post 23 year kidney transplant - they have been wanting me to get the shingrix and i have always had Another problem so i didn't get it. I got my two co-vid vaccines in the spring and did ok. Looks like now i need the booster. How do i jungle that Shingrix in there - MM"M

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Good morning, @pinkpam. Are you in the US? I saw a flash on the news this morning that the booster Covid19 vaccine was approved for us transplant recipients. Not knowing the details, and with my internet going goofy this morning, I don't know anything else about it. However, I am a long distant patient with Mayo in Rochester and I am hopeful to learn more details about whether/when this will actually happen for me.
I plan to contact my transplant nurse via my patient portal before I get the vaccine, because that is what I do when a general directive is given for anything regarding my health. I think that you and your transplant team can work together to determine the best timing for your shingles (2 doses) and the Covid booster. These are complicated times for all of us.
I wish you the best of health and a workable solution to your vaccinations.