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Thank you, Tracy! Wow – 1600! My last level was in the 500s.
However, I just had an appointment with my PCP who wants to keep doing the Chromogranin blood test monthly. I think it can wait until December when I see my oncologist. Give it time to do it’s thing instead of bugging it (and me while I wait for the results).
My Gallium scans have made my hair fall out and I’d prefer to wait on any more scans, too. They were both negative, as were the two HIAA5 urine tests.
I had the injection and started the test within an hour (after drinking a pint of water).
My gastroenterologist is unconcerned about the Chromogranin numbers. All I have are hot flashes for a symptom – he suggested black cohosh and cooler air-conditioning. Both help – as does acupuncture.
Maybe you and I are just anomalies – I certainly hope so!

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I do hope we are blessed! Quick question…when you had your Gallium 68 PET/CT, when did the technician administer the gallium injection? I have recently learned the time frame is essential in the accuracy of this test. It has been suggested to me to repeat blood work as well; then, possibly a consult w/Sloan Kettering to rule out. Best to you. Thank you.