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post surgical fatigue and lightheadedness

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Meds not effective after arthroscopic elbow surgery
I've had the elbow surgery May 7th and had to be off Orencia for 4 weeks. I have RA and osteoarthritis and other autoimmune diseases. I feel I've been set back a lot. I asked my Doctor about switching meds but doesn't want to. My knees are swollen and have a hard time keeping up at work. He put me on a prednisone taper and now I'm down to 5 mgs. and am feeling extremely tired and lethargic. The same thing happened when I had my total shoulder replacement. I was on methotrexate then and had to switch to a biologic drug. I will need knee replacements soon and don't even want to think of going through this again. I know people say to get some exercise and I get that but I can hardly move. Just plain exhausted. I saw this thing on tv called cubii and wonder if anyone here has tried it. It's like a floor pedal machine you can do while sitting.
Just wondering if that would help. Thanks

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Hi @ktgirl, I am sorry you are having so much fatigue and getting motivated because of your medication changes and lethargy. You will see that I moved your comment and question to a discussion that is already talking about post surgical fatigue. I did this so you could connect with people like @contentandwell and @anklesurgeryguy

I definitely think any movement to start off is better than nothing at all. Even sitting and pedaling, push ups against a wall while standing, and simple stretching would be great to get you going.

Prior to your surgery, were you active at all? What medication would you prefer to be back on full time?

Hello @ktgirl

I noticed your post about post-surgical fatigue and just wanted to encourage you in this matter. While you do not mention your age, you do mention that you have RA and that your doctor has switched meds and that you are currently tapering off prednisone. Please know that any and all of these factors can cause fatigue. You probably need to give youself some time and to also keep your doctor informed as to how you are feeling.

As Amanda, @amandaburnett, mentioned, any activity can help. If you choose not to purchase a product please be aware that there are many free chair exercise videos on Youtube that might be helpful. I use many of them myself. If one of the exercises uses a part of the body that I find painful I just wait until it is over and do the next exercise. Please always check with your doctor to see if he/she approves before starting.

You might take a look at some to these exercise videos and see what you think. Here is a link to some sitting exercises on Youtube.


I hope you begin to feel better. Will you post again with an update?

@ktgirl I really can't think of anything to add to the responses you have gotten but just wanted to say I do understand and I think there is natural fatigue after any surgery. Your body is using a lot of energy to heal itself. Do what you can do, try to push yourself a little more each day. That may sound daunting but it will be worth it. I exercise daily but I still have to push myself, I really do not like exercise! I should go and do some right now though!


I have lost count of my surgeries… always tired after them even if minor. Some of it has to do with the anesthesia.. sometimes blood loss. Medications do not always work as well for at least a couple of weeks after surgery. .. it may enhance some medications. Your pharmacist is the best person to tell you the best way to take your daily medications. Some actually may need some time in between…. especially with an antibiotic thrown in or extra pain relief medication.

You need a higher protein diet after surgery to help healing. Eggs are a good, easily digestible protein. Make sure you use ice and heat on your elbow as directed. It will help with the pain and swelling. Exercise the elbow as directed… don't overdo.

Get up and walk every hour to help prevent blood clots. Exercise your legs while sitting. Air biking is good or leg pumps and lifts. Exercise your arm too. When you get up to walk around reach up the wall with your non-surgical arm… I have rolled a play ball up the wall… or done a spider crawl with my hand walking it up and down the wall. It is doing extra work right now and keeping the muscle strong is important. … the stretching will help.

Eat 5 small meals a day. It will help keep your energy up. Make it nutritious food… make sure you get enough fiber.

I had a surgery on August 02. I am still tired. I am trying my best to behave… want to get back to my chores.

I hope a little something I said helps.

Wishing you the best,

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