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2nd re-occurrence of Anaplastic Astrocytoma

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Thanks @IndianaScott for your response and time. I understand and appreciate everyone’s journey through this disease is different. My challenge is – I have absolutely no symptoms. When I read all the side effects of these drugs and treatments, I will be worse than what I am today. But if I don’t do any treatment, am I doing an injustice with my family? Am I not giving a chance to have me around longer? I also do not want to be a burden and have them experience a dragged out process. I wish there was a switch that could be turned off when it was time – which in my case will be the time when I can’t take care of myself, when I can’t drive myself to my dr appointments!

If you could, can you share the type of cancer your spouse was dealing with and the treatment experience?
Thank you!

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Hi @aa3

My wife's brain tumor went through changes as her disease progressed. IIRC the doctors most often used the large bucket name of astrocytoma. Her main concern always was what grade they were using to describe it at various times. Her tumor was what they called at the time 'diffusely infused' so it was cancer cells, normal cells, etc., and given its style and location radiation wasn't an option for her. They did one resection, but due to the resulting impacts they did that only once for fear of her having to fight those first battles over again as she lost almost all her important abilities. She and her doctors also decided against chemo due to the various side effects, her limited abilities, and the outcomes from the resection.

You said you have no symptoms, but also said you had a seizure a week ago. Did I misread that? Seizures were one of the initial symptoms my wife suffered. She also had significant olfactory, auditory, and visual hallucinations along with early head pain.

Strength, Courage, and Peace

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