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@baz10 WOW! After reading all of the responses above, I am still scared stiff to get a Covid vaccine. I have asthma and some COPD and know it will be safer for me if I get the vaccine, but worry about having side effects. Thinking the J&J will be the best way to go. Husband had Pfizer and had no problems and Son had J&J and no problems. Any comments will be appreciated. Baz10

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@baz10– I understand your angst about having the vaccines. I'm a lung cancer survivor, have COPD and other ailments. That is one reason why I had the vaccines. Those things do compromise my immune system. It took a while for me to make a decision because of possible side effects. And I got pretty ill with my second Moderna shot. It took me about a week to fully recover. But that was nothing compared to having COVID and most likely the present variant. I'd much rather have some side effects than attend my own funeral.

@baz10 I had the Pfizer and had no problems. I am immunocompromised due to having had a liver transplant. My transplant hospital set it up for its transplant patients to get the vaccine as soon as it was available so I was fully vaccinated on February 14th.

Unless your doctors feel there is a reason for you to not get the vaccine then I would get it ASAP. I have not heard of any really bad side-effects from either Pfizer or Moderna and they are both more effective than the J&J one I believe. As @merpreb commented, it's better to have side effects than to have a very serious case of Covid.

My mother had Moderna. Her blood iron levels tanked and she is now anemic (never had a problem before). The doctors found no internal bleeding or any other causes associated with anemia. She started to experience severe fluid retention with swelling in her extremities and trouble breathing from the amount of fluid around her heart and lungs that finally culminated in congestive heart failure. They have her on high doses of diuretics to try and control it but still has days where she retains too much fluid. I've found on this site and other sites, other people having the same issues after Moderna or Pfizer. One of my best friends received Pfizer in April. He still hasn't been able to taste food correctly nearly four months later and can't eat meat as it now tastes like a combination of metallic and rancid. Another friend's 19-year-old son experienced enlarged heart issues after the J&J shot. And these are short-term effects. What are the long-term effects? We have no idea. This is still called a drug trial for a reason.

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