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That's all we can do sounds like you have a good attitude .I try and keep my chin up. Only problem I have is EVERY DOCTOR I talk to says thears no cureing damaged lung tissue C O P D WHY is it such an impossible task? I thought stem cell might be a start but my doctor says that's snake oil well back to my lord and SAVIOUR JESUS THANK YOU FOR READING THIS

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There is stem cell and other research ongoing to work on reversing COPD, but it is in very early stages.

I believe that we will see advances, but we must remember 2 things –
Sound research and treatment takes many years and much money, along with well-designed study, review, and implementation. For every new treatment that comes to market, there are hundreds of theories that fail to produce in the end.
And with COPD, it is not just a matter of lung damage, but also the cardiovascular system, so sometimes treating one doesn't help the other. That makes it exceedingly complex to tackle.

I wish you well in your journey with COPD. Are you working with a doctor or team of doctors to minimize your symptoms and stay as healthy as you can?