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Hi I'm 2 months post liver resection surgery and trying to make sure I've researched all my options. 3C Cancer 2018 1.Colon Resection, 2. Folfox treatment, disease free until Sep20 (which is/was encouraging to me). 3. We tried an ablation and it came back. So 4. the big Liver Section surgery was rough. I am very hung up on my 5 year survival rate. I'm 53. No interesting markers, just TP53 which is common. Chemo is not being recommended - which I am OK with. Chemo was very difficult for me. So I'm told we wait....and we hope for 6 months clear and 2 months clear and at that point I could exhale. It's a 60% chance of returning apparently which stinks. Any advice? The NSK tumor test was send out but I don't understand the real value of that if doing a 2nd resection is what is recommended (if operable) Thank you for reading this

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@marshmallowjones I wanted to say hello. I don't have cancer and I can't share any medical advice, but I had an aunt with a bad lymphatic cancer and she should have only lived a year, but she got much more than that, somewhere around 10 years. She had a positive attitude that she was going to beat cancer. She had quality of life. Her first husband had passed away, and she got married again. I made her wedding cake. She believed with every part of her being that she could do it and she taught me a lesson about the power patients have over their health and healing if they embrace it, make intelligent choices, and believe in a positive outcome.

Have you heard of the book called "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch? He had terminal cancer and wrote this book about his journey. He also believed in his fight and got more years than his doctors promised. The premise of the book came from a college writing assignment to write a "last lecture" to say what is important to you and what has meaning to your life and to write it as if you were dying. His honesty about living is very uplifting.

I hope some other patients can share some relevant experience with you.

Hi @marshmallowjones, Thanks for sharing your story and what you are going through. You will notice that I moved your post to the conversation that you found as well about the same discussion. This way, the members in this group can see your experience and connect with you.
Can you give any detail about your resection being so hard?