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Slightly elevated CEA

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@spedteacher At the request of @hopeful33250 I am responding to you. I had melanoma on my right forearm, which resulted in a surgery leaving a 32 stitch scar.

From medline.com, here is an article about CEA and when it may be useful https://www.healthline.com/health/cea
It does mention about smoking being a factor to raise a CEA level. Does that fit in you case?

As far as questions to ask your dr, I might ask if the test should be done again. That would be a simple first step. The anxiety and concern you have should also be conveyed, especially if you have been a patient of this dr for a while.

Will you come back and let me know how your appt goes, and how you are doing?

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Hello Ginger,
Next steps involve my doctor is consulting with their GI doctor and oncologist . She will get back to me with what information was shared. Probably not until next week bc my doctor will be out of the office the rest of the week. Taking baby steps as I continue to monitor my health, which, seems to be just fine. And no, I am not a smoker.

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