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Depressed caregiver

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@deek15redpeppers– I am a long-time lung cancer survivor and have been a caretaker for a couple of friends and for my mom when she had Parkinson's disease. I had to move into my mom's for a couple of weeks and be a 24 hr. caretaker. My younger sister also helped, but I was there all the time. Even the day that I knew that she would die I at least stepped outside for a break.

Since your wife is very depressed have antidepressants been offered to her so that she might feel a bit energetic and maybe want to do something with you? Have you thought of taking them yourself? I do agree that exercise is the best antidote but sometimes it's just not enough.

How long has your wife not wanted to talk? Can you talk to her at all about anything? She just might be scared to death to open up and talk. I'd give her all the room that she needs and see what happens. Is that possible?

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Merry, Thanks for your input. My spouse would not admit to being depressed, but she thinks I "need a shrink". We did talk a bit last night and she admitted "life sucks" but she doesn't want to spend the rest of her life feeling sorry for herself. I reminded her of "Tuesdays With Morrie" when he said he felt sorry for himself every morning for 15 minutes, then got on with life. Maybe we should read that again!

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