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Wow you have really been through a lot. I don’t think my problem is related to an allergic reaction but rather caused by administering the shot in the wrong location or too deep. I am quite thin with very thin arms. My should area is not very meaty. The needles they use are very long and if the muscle mass is not that great I could see going too deep into the bursa. Or another thing that can happen is the shot is given too high on the arm. I have had other cortisone shots that have really helped- in my lower back. I’ve also never had a problem with other vaccinations so I don’t think it has to do with allergies. It I am concerned about if I am fully vaccinated because I read that if it goes in the bursa you will not get the desired immune response of the vaccination.

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Your story sounds just like what happened to me with one of my flu shots- I knew right away that the pharmacist hit it wrong from both position and pain. My daughter saw the injection site and confirmed that he didn't landmark properly. And I never got an answer about whether I built antibodies, but I didn't get the flu that year.

I needed a cortisone shot to calm the bursitis and lots of painful stretching to get use of my arm back.

Fast forward to 2019‐2021. My vaccine reactions to shingles, flu and Covid were not confined to the shoulder and arm. The were full-body inflammatory system in overdrive. Suffered through it with Shingrix, but after both
Quadravent flu and Pfizer Covid, I had steroids to calm things.

As for whether you are protected, in your place I would ask my doc for a third injection.

What have you decided?

I had the antibody test at the Mayo Clinic last week and happy to report I scored over 500 with a Positive! So even with SIRVA, I am fully vaccinated!

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