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Arthroscopic surgery on elbow

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The only exercise is to extend my arm while holding a 2 pound weight and then bring my hand back to my chest. They just basically said pain is my guide. I am hoping to go part time this fall. I have so many joints that are about ready for replacements too. That's kind of why I decided to work on the elbow first so when my knee needs replacement my arm would be stronger to help with that.

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It is not uncommon to have some pain 2 months after surgery – after all, the doctor was poking around in there, insulting the tissue and rearranging things. And to add RA/OA to the mix, pain is even more common. Do you take any medication for the arthritis? One thing that can help is to ice the area several times a day, which helps with both swelling and inflammation.

If you read much on Connect, you will know that I am a great fan of PT, and at 2 months post-surgery, it is a really good time.
When we hurt (as before your surgery) we change the way we use the injured body part to lessen our pain. Then we have surgery and must let it heal which results in more lost strength and mobility. A good physical therapist (PT) can create a recovery program for you that addresses both issues to give you the best results.

I would ask for a few sessions – especially since getting the elbow healed is so necessary to your next steps of knee surgeries. Remember, you know your body and must be your own advocate to get the best care for it.


To me you sound like you are on schedule. Most surgeries take average of 4-6 months to recover from… some a lot longer. Do not rush it. You don't want to take steps backward in your progress. It is usually best to use moist heat before the exercises and ice pack or moist heat afterward. I've had surgeries where ice or heat was recommended after the exercise. Ask your surgeon or nurse which is best.

If the incision is healed over you can massage the area to help prevent scar tissue build up. .. use some sort of cream or lotion as you massage. If you think you are up to other exercises ask the surgeon or nurse which ones you can do or if they will refer you to PT. Some surgeons just give you a sheet of exercises to do. .. especially with covid still around in some areas.

Wishing you a speedy.. good recovery.