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Muscular skeletal side effects from radiation

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Those are big decisions. I’m sure you’ve gotten feedback from doctors and your family.

Here’s one thing. Hospital nurses teach you how to drain your tubes. Yours will probably be less, maybe only one tube.

When I got home, a home ‘person’? Came and taught me again how to do it and other simple things. Charting blood etc.

You could drive home, if it’s not too far. I think they prefer u not put any pressure on arm/breast. So maybe have someone drive you home.

You will want to be certain to eat. Huge issue w cancer patients not eating. So either have protein and veggies already, or permanent some things or use one of those services delivering healthy food. Keto type diet. Mediterranean diet. Not too many carbs or sweets. You could do that by yourself.

Your dog needs a dog Walker for a week. If he’s not trained to heel you won’t want him jerking your arm. But after that, walking w other arm shd be fine. They encourage you to get outside and walk often. Your dog will be a help to you and great company.

I drove myself 45 min to the last few Chemo. And a few radiation. Radiation is a breeze. A few minutes everyday. You get a little tired overall that’s it. My dr suggested Udder ? Cream it’s great and prevents burns.
You will feel fine before chemo and after. 4-6 hrs. The trick is 2 days later you feel awful, but they give you meds. Then slowly feel better until it’s time for chemo again. Otherwise we wouldn’t be wanting to go back. So getting there and home is easy. Maybe one day you won’t want to walk your dog- get someone for that day. You will probably have a Neulesta?sp stuck to your tummy. It goes off 23 hrs after chemo and prevents pain.

It can be done alone. I know they won’t be thrilled w you, but you can do it. If you have more questions if I know I’ll try to answer. You’re right- I read everything twice three times and still new things come up bc we are all different and have different responses. 🙏

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Get your meds before your operation. Mark them all 1 2 3 the order you would take if you get nauseous. Listen to drs. They will tell you to take one right away bc if you wait for pain you won’t be happy.

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