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Bowel incontinence

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Actually I see a nurse practitioner. I have never seen the MD although the primary care facility put me with him just so the insurance card would state that I have one. The Dr. I went to retired some time ago and I was seeing the physician's assistant who I really liked. Then she left. So many changes. The NPR I see now is pretty good so far. It seems they are using these nurses more and more these days. I see one at the arthritis center I go to every three months. The MD sees you once or twice then you have to do virtual visits or see the NPR. Since I have to get blood drawn regularly, obviously I need an in-person visit. Modern health care leaves a lot to be desired. I prefer the "good old days." Doctor visits were so uncomplicated back then. They would even make house calls. Imagine that!

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@maisy3 I prefer the old days too. Now, virtually all of the doctors work for the hospitals and I find there is less connection. I had a condition where I was inpatient a number of times and my PCP never once came to the hospital, they leave that to the hospitalists. These days being a physician is like a 9-5 job with no overtime or having to work on off-hours as people in regular 9-5 jobs because off hours a different doctor handles things.
I know many people do see nurse practitioners and NPs can have their own practice (Physician assistants cannot) but I still insist on seeing the doctor most of the time.

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