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@karen1945 Hi Karen. My apologies for just now entering this discussion. Thank you @colleenyoung for including me. Karen, your words were very powerful to me because I spoke many of the same. You seem to have a keen sense of the depth of what you are experiencing. Pain stems from our brain. Acute pain can be resolved whereas chronic pain is typically an upregulation of our central nervous system. Central Sensitization Syndrome explains and defines this process. Ultimately, chronic pain requires a lifestyle change. That change comes from 4 components: physical, emotional, behavior and chemical. Mayo Clinic offers a Pain Rehabilitation Program that changed my life. It provided me with the proper tools to manage my chronic pain in order to live a more positive, productive existence. I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Might you be interested in exploring this approach?

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Thank you for your input, Rachel. I believe I have found the diagnosis to my problem. The video link you provided touched on it, but a book I read recently by Dr. John Sarno hit the proverbial nail on the head! Tension Myoneural Syndrome precisely describes my symptoms. It all makes perfect sense to me. Now that I have identified the problem and its cause, I believe by following Dr. Sarno’s program I will be able to resolve my pain completely. The brain is a mysterious thing.