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I am old and crippled up

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So why not call 911? When you get to the hospital ask to talk to a Social Worker. Whenever I needed assistance in the hospital and asked to see one they came. I don’t think calling 911 is unreasonable because it seems obvious that you are in need of medical care. Tell the doctor at the Emergency Room all that you've been through. Have you ever been told by a surgeon that there was no surgery that could benefit you? All too often in the medical world doctors don’t want to do surgery on older patients, for example I have a 101 year-old friend and was she was originally told she was to old for surgery. Her daughter said “so your just going to let her die? Dying during surgery while someone is trying to save you is better than neglect. Soon she had Emergency abdominal aortic aneurysm surgery. Last week she had a pacemaker implanted and as we speak she’s in surgery having a pin put in her hip. If you and your wife aren’t able to advocate well for yourself perhaps if you have children a neighbor or close friend who could go with you and advocate for you. I believe you said you couldn’t sit or stand so tell 911 and the ambulance staff you’re on the floor and you can’t get up.
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In my area,9-1-1 does not go to a hospital, it goes to a call center where they decide on whether or not to refer it to the sheriff's office. I just do not want the sheriff involved.
Yes, I have been told that I am too old for surgery. The VA told me that they do not like to work on anyone over 65..
Thank you.

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