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I am old and crippled up

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Your comment from Mayo Clinic came through as only a series of letters and numbers. Can you just tell us what you were saying?
I know that this must be a very difficult time for you. I like the advice that @artist01 gave about calling and asking for a social worker to speak to and help you.
Why did you say no to Medicaid?

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Okay, I actually asked jf I could get a social worker to talk to me and they said no.  They did not explain why I could not, only no.
They asked if I wanted to sign up for Medicaid to get food.  And I told them that I was not looking for food assistance or money, I just was looking for someone to help me get back up on my feet.  That is when he told me that the only advice he could give me was to call 9-1-1..
You see, my wife and I do not have a lot of money.  We paid off all our bills before we retired.  When we get our monthly Social Security checks, we have enough to live on.  We do not need food assistance or our electric bill paid (Medicaid), I am just trying to get upright and not lay in the floor all of the time. I actually enjoy working and really wanted to rebuild old cars when I retired, but that has not happened.  Sorry, too much information.
Thank you

I do appreciate everyone helping me. I do not know why sometimes the comments go through and sometimes they do not. Sometimes I will try to post a comment and it will give me some kind of an error. Maybe, probably, it is my fault, so I will apologize if I have hurt anyone's feelings.- Sorry.
The guy that I talked to from Medicaid said that I could apply for food assistance. Well we are eating, probably too much.. We eat a lot more hamburger than we do prime rib, but we are eating. I just am not looking for food assistance,.

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