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Receiving blood from blood bank for lung cancer surgery

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Dear Mentor: if these vaccines provided immunity, then why are some who have received the shots gotten Covid? Nine members of the New York Yankees came down with Covid 6 weeks after receiving the injections. People on cruise ships who have had the injections are coming down with Covid and infecting others. Some countries like Australia, France, Japan, and Germany have banned them altogether! The FDA has issued warnings to those who received the Pfizer or Moderna injections for heart inflammation. As for sources, listen to Dr. Jane Ruby or Dr. Judy Mikovits or Dr. Scott Jensen or America’s Frontline Doctors or a thousand other doctors and virologists who say these shots can be dangerous. Go to the CDC website and look at the VAERS reports! No one knows what can happen because the trials done before this mass push to get them were done in a very short period of time. Our granddaughter’s best friend, age 19, healthy, robust, energetic, got the shot and lost her hearing and her vision! Get the shot if you want, but I will wait and see what all the side effects are. And a I certainly do not want blood from a person who had one of these while I am in surgery!

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Immunity is not perfect. People who have received injections for many viruses, influenza, shingles, measles, … can become infected, either by virtue of their imperfect immune system, declining protection (immunity) over time, or changes in the viruses themselves.

Please compare the infection and death rates prior to vaccine release and subsequently. The US was seeing hundreds of thousands of cases and thousands of deaths daily in January through April. Now that roughly 60% of adults and 40% of older teens are vaccinated, those numbers have dropped by 80 – 90%, even with more infectious variants emerging – except areas with low vaccination rates are seeing surges.

Some people will have adverse effects to the vaccine, just like every vaccine ever offered. But infection, disability and death rates for the many illnesses plummet when the population is widely vaccinated.

We also know now that over 20% of people who had Covid-19 infections have long term problems – my daughter is still dealing with the after-effects of a Covid infection 16 months ago, and it is beginning to look like the neuro effects are permanent.

NONE of these vaccines are as dangerous as the Covid-19 virus, nor produces the same high percentage of long-term aftereffects, but every person must make her own decision – I decide to go with hard numbers and science, which say it is effective and safe.


Time on a ventilator is pretty bad too, but death is somewhat worse!

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