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Going without psychotherapy

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I so sympathize with you. I have very little contact with my adult son (only child) and his new family. Their lives are firmly connected to his new wife's family who live nearby while I'm 7 hours away. I'm lucky if I get a phone call from him every 2-3 weeks. I remember every birthday, holiday, etc., with cards and gifts (which they don't need), but my grandchildren hardly know me. I visit when my health allows, but there's never been any interest in visiting me- not once in 15 years. I feel like an acquaintance rather than a mother/grandmother. It's the worst emotional painI I can imagine – almost as bad as dealing with the death of my husband. Conversations are always congenial but lack any emotional connection. I feel totally alone in the world – even though I'm remarried to a very nice man who is very sympathetic to my situation. I love them all, and I'm grateful they're all healthy and successful, but that doesn't make it hurt any less.

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Good afternoon @authorchris, how very, very sad. It must just hurt like heck to be ignored by your family. Are you 7 hours away by car or plane? How old are your grandchildren?

I have no magic answers. Here is something that I did during the COVID episode and now continue to do because it works to keep us close. On Wednesday evenings we have a
bed party on Zoom for an hour or so. I am now 1500 miles away. When they were younger and only two hours away and came to visit, we would have real bed parties….telling jokes, and sharing stories……even jumping on the bed when they were little. Sometimes we laugh and there have been tears. I try to have a subject in mind to which they can respond…..a favorite memory or activity, their plans for an event they are anticipating.

My "nice man" always joins us to say hello and tell them about the chipmunks or the deer that come visiting. It takes two to tango though so maybe you can get your son to give it a try.

May you have happiness and the causes of happiness.

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