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I'm glad you followed up with your doctor. If it has occurred several times, I do believe it is time to see him and figure it out. We are not medical professionals on Connect, so don't have any insight on what is causing this troubling symptom.
How long ago was your Moderna vaccine?

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The orgial episode with the pain in all the various areas only occurred once, and the abdominal pain is what has occurred several times. I just saw my doctor today and that's when he told me if it continued he'd do a CT on my abdomen to see if he could figure out what was going on.

I got my Moderna vaccines in March- my 2nd one was on March 31st. I've never had an issue with my labs except having hypothyroidism, but now several are messed up. My 1st labs showed hyperthyroidism, and elevated platelets. My 2nd set of labs 6 weeks later showed an even higher numbers on both the Hyperthyroidism and the Platelet elevation, along with the elvated WBC count, and elevated Monocytes.

I have to repeat the labs again on the 6th of July, so I'm really curious what that's going to show. I've been decreased from 75mcg of Synthroid that I was on for over 20 years for the hypothyroidism down to 50 mcg the 1st time the labs came back as Hyper, and then down to 25mcgs the 2nd time, so if my labs are still showing hyperthyroidism on July 6th I suspect I'll no longer be needing Synthroid after 20 years of being on it.

I know another girl who was in really good health prior to getting her vaccines (I personally have a lot of medical issues, and was really ill for several months with what I believe was Covid prior to them knowing what covid was, yet, so i can kind of understand it effecting my labs strangely, or it possibly even being just a weird coincidence), but she's now had to stop working, and had to be hospitialized several times already because her labs have been so erratic since she got her vaccines. When she's not in the hospital she's been having to go in and have frequent infusions of Platelets, Red Blood Cells, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, and Sodium because all of her levels of those are being depleted to dangerously low levels now. It's all just a really crazy and scary ordeal.