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Dana, Volunteer Mentor (@danab)

Low Iron Levels and Weakness

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@patientk @roch @deechase @ess77 @shirlpat @lindes Hi Everyone and Thanks for all the wonderfull advice. She had her first IV yesterday and is feeling the effects today which seems common (I feel the same the day after a IVIG treatment I get every 2 months) but hopeful the next treatment next Thursday will get her back up to a good level. I was mostly happy at least the Infusion did not cause any side effects which for her can be an issue. So they only planned 2 treatmens so far and retest labs the week after Her next treatment.

They did check her B12 and that was fine and she does take vitamin C on a daily bases. So Thanks everyone and Ill follow Up after next week.

@sport1776 No not that I have heard of. They tested so many things when she was in the Hosipital Im not sure if that one was tested. But Thanks Ill keep that in mind.

@lindes I know what you mean Im surprised myself that this wasn't tested in the Hosipital. Her Hemotoligist / Oncologest just out of the Blue decided to check it. So maybe the next time you see your Doctor ask about it.
Have a Blessed Day Everyone

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Dana and all, the ferrous level test is separate and requires a specific request for the test. It's not a normal part of most testing. In fact, even now, I ask various docs to include it in the bloodwork we're, as well as D, B, magnesium. I ask and most often these wonderful doctors are willing and interested in finding those results. Never a problem there.

I find the Vitron C is extremely helpful and noticed quite soon an increase in energy, a different outlook, and improved life. Since the numbers are going back down and nearing concerning levels again, the next step is IV infusion. I actually welcome that day. Then, perhaps the benefits of taking Vitron-C will last longer.. Hope so.

Blessings and may your wife be better and better.

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