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I have had RP, 44 radiation treatments, and two years of Lupron injections. My PSA is next to zero and my testostrogen is increasing. I now have an urge for sex but nothing works. Plus, I still have penis shrinkage. Need help or at least hope.

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Ken, it's great that the urge is returning, but certainly disappointing that functionality is not cooperating. Have you considered consulting with sexual health professional?


Part of the answer may lie in your pre-operative function, youth age and physical condition and health. Another part would be whether or not your surgery was nerve sparing.

You can research PRT – penile recovery therapy, here's a link to John Hopkins.- https://urology.jhu.edu/erectileDysfunction/erectile_dysfunctions_Rehab.php

It's a phased process beginning with "simple" to the more complex. As you move from simple, Cialis and Viagra to shots involving Trimix and implants, a lot depends on you and your partner willingness to talk and understand how intimacy has changed, no more spontaneous erections, no ejaculation, size, the amount and type of stimulation it takes to achieve an organism…and what constitutes intimacy now, you can still organism without an erection so mutual masturbation, oral sex, sorry, not trying to be too detailed here but my point is intimacy has changed and you and your partner will need to decide what the "new" is.

I had surgery in 2014, it was nerve sparing, by a very good surgeon. Still, it took 12-18 months to regain function, but as I said, things were different. I had SRT in 2015 but that had no impact. i did 18 months of Lupron starting in Jan 17 an dyes, genital shrinkage, back to one's pre-pubescent days. I did not lose my libido though, some data says 20% don't. I finished my treatment with the last shot in May 18 so by August it was clear of my system. By October T was 135, by February 19 it was 482. With the return of T and help from Cialis, my new "normal" returned.